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You play as a survivor in a group of shipwrecked people on a desert island, you will have to survive and adapt to the wild life.

Usual mechanics


Satisfy your basic needs: hunger, thirst, energy, health and keep your spirits up.


Collects food, water, materials, unusual objects.

Hunting and fishing

Stalk your prey, set traps and return to camp cheered as a hero.


Battle wildlife, another survivor, or take to your heels.


Discover the island and all its corners to unravel its mysteries.

Build, Manufacture

Develops the camp and the island to improve daily life. Craft equipment, weapons and tools to facilitate your explorations

Heal or not...

Illnesses and trauma are common here. Find cures and stay in recovery. Keep surviving, even with one leg missing...

But also...


All your actions have consequences on your relationship with others, so will you become an idol or a plague victim exiled from the camp?


If you are chosen as leader, will you be an inspirational person, a good commander, or a despot?

Live your story

Each character is unique, with its own personality and has an emotional and collective intelligence. What will happen during your adventure?

If you stay alive long enough, maybe you can find a way to escape this cursed island!

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